Code of Ethics

Arrival: I commit to arrive for jobs on time, dressed appropriately with a great attitude.  I will leave all personal drama at the door and be 100% present for the care of the child(ren).

Eyes & Ears:  I commit to keeping my eyes & ears on the child(ren) during entire stay in the client’s home.

Rules & Regulations: I will abide by the rules & regulations of the household in which I am working, whether or not I personally agree with them.

Cellphone:  I will keep cell phone use to a minimum while working. All calls will last less than 2 minutes and will never occur while driving with the kids.  I will text minimally, if at all while working.

Clean-Up: I commit to cleaning up after the child(ren) & I will ensure that all toys, clothing & dishes have been put in their proper places.  I will leave the house better than I found it upon arrival.

Visitors: Unless previously arranged with parents, I will not have personal visitors (including pets) while I am working in a client’s home.

Report: I commit to giving an honest & truthful report to the parents about my time with the children.   I will state challenges in a way will be heard and I will always report something positive.

Fun: I commit to having fun.  I will create an experience that is memorable enough that the chil(dren) will ask for me to babysit again.