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A Remarkable Approach to the Art of Babysitting

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Community-Based Babysitting

We, the sitters of Swiss Cheese, believe that securing exceptional in-your-home childcare on an as-needed basis should be simple, safe & reliable. Ours is a participatory collective built on a foundation of care, communication, community & compassion

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Sometimes your child care looks like Swiss Cheese!


We are a team of vetted childcare providers available as needed. Those on our team are handpicked for our reputation, creativity, and kid­ caring abilities. We are Trustline certified, maintain current CPR certification and have passed an extensive screening process. In addition, we commit and are held accountable to The Swiss Cheese Code of Ethics.

As a team we meet periodically for collaboration, training and discussion. We define Swiss Cheese Childcare as childcare needed 3 times a week or less (Or when you need full­-time short-­term coverage). These could be date nights, sick care, short­-term care during life transitions (a new baby, one parent is on a business trip, etc), fill in for your nanny or other “irregular” childcare situations.

Mission Statement.
The Bay Area Babysitters united around one goal: provide extraordinary in­-home childcare to families while weaving a network in our neighborhoods that strengthens the community.

Vision Statement.
Create and maintain an engaging childcare service that supports parents, builds community, and creates jobs.  Provides unparalleled service to local families for locating and working with babysitters

Anti-Discrimination Policy.
Swiss Cheese Childcare does not discriminate vetting sitters or accepting clients on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status or sexual orientation. We ask that our sitters and clients also abide by this policy.

What’s The First Step?

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As a New Mom...

“In those early, anxious days after our son was born, I was so grateful to find Swiss Cheese Childcare.  We didn’t know any babysitters, we weren’t always comfortable asking our friends to step in, and I was horribly anxious about leaving our child alone with anyone. Swiss Cheese offered me peace of mind that the babysitters were vetted, and just enough information about the caregivers for me to be able to make an informed decision about who I chose. We have been so delighted with every sitter we’ve used, and I have felt so comfortable leaving my child every single time. Thank you, Vicki and everyone at Swiss Cheese, for the work you do!” – Genie Gratto (Client since 2014)

Tranquility is Better

“Having a variety of vetted babysitters to choose from has been a game changer for our hectic schedules.  Because the quality of sitters Swiss Cheese has been uniformly high, it takes the worry out the process.

Swiss Cheese means that we can say yes to events, work gatherings, and even date nights — that previously we had to skip.

It’s the difference between chaos and tranquility. Tranquility is better!”  – Annie & Glynn Washington (Clients since 2011)

Extraordinary Care

“I love Swiss Cheese, and recommend it regularly to friends and family. The concept – filling in holes in busy schedules – is much needed in many folks’ lives. But what makes Swiss Cheese different from other back-up care services is that all the sitters are pre-screened and excellent. It is so convenient to be able to call Vicki to figure out big-picture questions or satisfy urgent needs, and then use the website for run-of-the-mill scheduling. My daughter loves the many women she’s met through Swiss Cheese, and adds their names to sing-alongs and stories about her friends. I no longer use highly subsidized backup care service my workplace offers because the quality of care I get from Swiss Cheese is extraordinarily high.” – Katerina Linos (Client since 2014)

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