How to become part of the Team


Swiss Cheese Childcare Collective is a community based project that unifies Bay Area babysitters.
By working together we are able to market our services creatively, attract a larger cliental, create community and have fun!

Sitter Requirements

  • A gift for working with children of all ages
  • The talent for connecting with all types of people
  • Experience with infants, multiples, special needs or able to make a commitment to increase experience
  • Flexibility in your schedule
  • Quick and efficient communication skills
  • Kind, caring, and compassionate presence
  • CPR Certification (or willing get it)
  • Trustline Certification (or willing to get it)

How to Apply* 

  • Fill out application thoughtfully, giving us a sense of who you are.
  • Send a Cover Letter Style email to
  • Attend information/orientation meeting.
  • Reach a decision about your membership.  If it’s a match, move on to Sitter Integration.

*All steps shall be completed, though not necessarily in this order

Other Things To Know

Periodically we get together as a team in order to create community and collaborate.
Quick and exceptional communication are a MUST in order to be part of our team.
We aim to be something different than a babysitter registry and we grow where our sitters are.
To the best of our ability we demand excellence from our sitters and ourselves, we ask that you do the same.
Questions and ideas are welcome and encouraged, please email if you want to know more before applying.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Swiss Cheese Childcare does not discriminate hiring sitters or accepting clients on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status or sexual orientation. We ask that our sitters and clients also abide by this policy.

The Code of Ethics

Arrival: I commit to arrive for jobs on time, dressed appropriately with a great attitude.  I will leave all personal drama at the door and be 100% present for the care of the child(ren).

Eyes & Ears:  I commit to keeping my eyes & ears on the child(ren) during entire stay in the client’s home.

Rules & Regulations: I will abide by the rules & regulations of the household in which I am working, whether or not I personally agree with them.

Cellphone:  I will keep cell phone use to a minimum while working. All calls will last less than 2 minutes and will never occur while driving with the kids.  I will text minimally, if at all while working.

Clean-Up: I commit to cleaning up after the child(ren) & I will ensure that all toys, clothing & dishes have been put in their proper places.  I will leave the house better than I found it upon arrival.

Visitors: Unless previously arranged with parents, I will not have personal visitors (including pets) while I am working in a client’s home.

Report: I commit to giving an honest & truthful report to the parents about my time with the children.   I will state challenges in a way will be heard and I will always report something positive.

Fun: I commit to having fun.  I will create an experience that is memorable enough that the chil(dren) will ask for me to babysit again.