How it Works

MAY 2020 UPDATE:  At this time we are not taking any new clients.  This will be updated when it changes.  Thank you.

ONCE THINGS CHANGE BACK you will start by filling out a registration form.

Swiss Cheese HQ will call you with in 2 business days to answer your questions and get to know your families needs.


Your online booking account will be activated and you’ll receive an email with log in info.  By working with our sitters you agree to The Swiss Cheese Parent Practices.

Pay the $49 registration fee, purchase the required number of booking credits, and book the care you need.

Please note: there are two fees associated with working with us, 1) the fees for booking credits and 2) the hourly rate you pay to the sitter (range is about $17 ~ $25 an hour).

Booking Credits

Each minimum three hour booking request requires 3 booking credits, except those booked within 24 hrs of start time which will require 4 credits.  Your paid registration includes 5 credits.  After registration credits are priced in tiers so that they cost less the more you buy.  Cost range $3 to $7 per credit ($9 to $21 a day).

Credit Refund Policy

  • All credits will be returned to your booking account if a job has not been accepted.
  • If you cancel a job that has been accepted by a sitter, 2 credits will be returned to you.

Nee help?  Call (510) 629-1949 or email during weekday business hours.  

Urgent need?   Text the babysitter bat phone (510) 282-4889.  We will do all we can to meet your needs.


Thank you for choosing Swiss Cheese!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find sitters?
Most of our sitters are referred to us through other sitters, clients, and community members.  

How do you vet your sitters?
Vetting sitters for Swiss Cheese is an intentionally cumbersome process.  There’s an application, resume, references, fingerprinting and more.  Watch this video where founder Vicki explains the process.

Can I book your sitters outside of the website?
Nope.  All bookings with Swiss Cheese sitters must come through the booking site.  

Where do the Booking Fees go?
The Registration and Booking Fees go to cover administrative costs including website maintenance, sitter hiring, and behind ­the­ scenes work to get you the best childcare.

I just need my kids picked up from school. Are you a transportation service?
We are not a transportation service. Swiss Cheese does not keep driving records of our sitters on file.  However, some sitters are willing to do things like pick up children from school if the job meets the 3 ­hour minimum and they are reimbursed for mileage at 56 cents/mile.

Can I have the Sitter’s social security number for tax records?
If this is something you need to have for your records, please let the sitters know that is something you require before booking them. We suggest putting in the “Notes” section of each booking.

Do you offer trainings for sitters who are not part of Swiss Cheese?
Actually, we will.  In fall 2019 we will be launching a professional development program for “free-agent” sitters.  If you want to learn more about this when it launches sign up for our Sitter Toolkit Newsletter.