Where's the cheese?
Greetings seeker of childcare! We regret to inform you that as of November 2nd, 2020 Swiss Cheese Childcare has closed.

Why did Swiss Cheese Close?
In November 2010, Swiss Cheese was launched to support families seeking high quality childcare while connecting childcare workers with families. A dream was realized and a business was nurtured for 10 years, while I birthed and raised my own three sons. What a pleasure it has been.

However COVID-19 has changed all of that. Managing distance schooling and juggling a lack of time, energy, and business income have humbled me greatly. At the end of a long day with my kids without any break, I find I have nothing left to give this business and the community I’ve built around it.

Seven months into the pandemic without any support of my own has brought me to a “come-to-the-light” moment, and my only reasonable conclusion: it was time to shutter Swiss Cheese.

Where did all the sitters go?
There is a subset of sitters working together to be available as needed. If you were a previous client of Swiss Cheese please search your email for information on how to be added to that group that you would have received late October 2020.

The sitters are not adding any non-vetted clients to that group at this time.

Could Swiss Cheese Live Again?
I built Swiss Cheese Childcare because I want to live in a world where beloved childcare is accessible, we trust each other, and we have enough resources to live and thrive. As of Autumn 2020, the state of the world makes that feel utterly impossible. That being said, I still harbor that dream in my heart, so if you have the resources, insight, or capacity to rebirth Swiss Cheese, please reach out. I have no plans as of today to sell the business or collaborate with a business partner, but perhaps there is a way, in the future, for Swiss Cheese to rise again.

I want to say how much I have enjoyed being of service to you and your families. Your conversations have inspired me, and I have had the opportunity to see your children grow and your families evolve. It has been a great pleasure and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

In community and with care,

Vicki Macchiavello
Founder and Babysitter in Chief