Swiss Cheese Care

This is childcare for date nights, intermittent days and times that do not recur, and for daycare closures or nanny vacations.  How to use this service?  Register to get a booking account.  Put the bookings in when you need them.

Bread & Butter Care

This childcare is recurring coverage for the same dates and times per week up to 3 times a week.  We work to create consistency for your family from our team for a longer period of time.  You can learn more about pricing Bread and Butter Childcare here.  How to use this service?   Be a registered client.  Fill out the B&B Enrollment Form.  Then pay the enrollment fee deposit. Once those are received HQ will reach out with next steps.

Community Care (AKA the Buffet)

This pop-up group childcare is ideal for weddings and events.  We bring a team of sitters with age appropriate toys, games, books, and crafts to create an awesome space for the kids so parents can relax, play, or work.
How to use this service?   Fill out the Community Care Request Form.  Then pay the $200 deposit.   Once those are received HQ will reach out with next steps.
(Please note:  A two week lead time is ideal for community care requests.  Any request made less than two weeks from the date of care will be subjected to a rush fee.)

Questions related to these services please call us (510) 629-1949.
We look forward to supporting you with great childcare.