Parent Practices

In order to ensure exceptional service we ask that parents understand & adhere to the following:

Minimum time frame
We request a minimum time frame of 3 hours.

Rate of pay and payment of services

  • A booking fee or membership is payable to Swiss Cheese prior to the booking of a sitter. Please see our website or contact your community coordinator for information on bookings and memberships.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, all payments to sitters are due upon completion of the job.
  • Sitters set their own rates and these rates are listed in their profiles. Please confirm rates with sitters before booking.
  • Tips are appreciated & can be used to appreciate a sitter who has gone above & beyond.  Tips are not expected.

Sharing a Sitter
Yes you may share a scheduled babysitter with another family as long as the other family is also registered with Swiss Cheese AND the sitter knows beforehand that there will be more than just your children.  

Meals & entertainment funds
Any funds spent on the children while in the care of the sitter are the responsibility of the parents and should be agreed upon prior to any monies being spent.
Meals are not necessarily expected to be provided by the family for the sitter, however it is a nice gesture and is always appreciated.  

Transportation of children
Swiss Cheese Childcare is not a transportation service and we do not keep sitters’ driving records on file.  However, we understand that some jobs may require the use of a sitter’s car. Assuming she has one and can use it t`o transport your child(ren), she shall be compensated at a rate of 56 cents per mile driven.  Client will provide car seats.

Tasks while children sleep
At Swiss Cheese Childcare we strive to leave things better than we found them.  Our sitters commit to cleaning up all toys, dishes and clothes that are directly related to the care of the children.  

Feedback/open communication
At Swiss Cheese Childcare we work to create open and constructive communication between all parties.  Swiss Cheese HQ can and shall facilitate feedback and act as a buffer to ensure all parties are happy.  

Overtime rate
Per the California Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights, in-home childcare workers shall be compensated 1.5 times their regular rate for work over 8 hours.  

Flexible Scheduling Guidelines

  • Please notify sitter if you will be late in returning to relieve her.
  • Sitter shall be compensated for number of hours confirmed with one hour of flexibility.

Cancellation Policy
Complete cancellation requires 24 hours notification otherwise parent pays $50 to the sitter.