Terms & Conditions

Swiss Cheese Childcare Collective Terms of Use

By clicking “I accept” you (herein referred to as the “Client”) are entering into an agreement with Swiss Cheese Childcare (herein referred to as SCCC). By clicking “I accept” you agree to the following Terms of Use as they are defined here in the referral of a short-term in-home childcare provider or babysitter (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Provider”).

I. Working with our sitters

The contract of employment, and all of its terms and conditions, is made by and between the Client and the Provider, who shall together assume responsibility for compliance with any reporting requirements, insurance requirements, payroll withholding and payment, and compliance with federal, state and local law. It is recognized that SCCC is a referral source only and is not a party to any subsequent agreement entered into between the Client and Provider referred by the SCCC, which shall bear no responsibility beyond the screening process.

Agreeing to this contract in no way obligates Client to hire a Provider from SCCC. Client understands, agrees and accepts that all Providers’ profiles and files, which are received from SCCC, are the property of SCCC and the contents are confidential. Client agrees that Client will not disclose to anyone the names,
addresses, telephone numbers or vital information pertaining to any Provider. Client understands that Client is not to contact any Provider directly for the purpose of employment on a long-term or temporary basis without SCCC’s knowledge. If Client violates this provision and any information contained in the
file is disclosed to a third party by Client, and that third party hires the applicant, Client agrees to pay a placement fee of $5000 to SCCC. In the event that SCCC presses suit to enforce this provision, then the prevailing party shall be reimbursed for court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

II: Indemnification

The Client shall hold the SCCC harmless against all claims arising out of the course of employment of a Provider referred by SCCC and employed by the Client.

Client releases and discharges forever Swiss Cheese Childcare Collective, its respective officers, directors, agents and employees from all actions, causes of action, claims and demands for injuries, accidents, sickness and damages of whatsoever nature, whether known or unknown, which may be sustained by me or my dependent arising out of the performance or nonperformance of the ProviderClient, hereby agrees to indemnify and save harmless Swiss Cheese Childcare Collective from all injuries, losses, damages and expenses, should any claim, demand or suit be made by Client on behalf of Client’s child or children.

III: Independent Contractor/ Non-Employee

SCCC interviews and checks references prior to referring a candidate for the client‘s needs. SCCC also requires that sitters are Trustline certified. Client acknowledges and agrees that SCCC is a referral service and would not be deemed liable for damages resulting from (including but not limited to) improper care,
theft, crime, property damage, or any other wrongful actions or in actions by the domestic worker.